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First time the crap going on in lfg got this ridiculous.

Asmodian ‘leaders’ cant deal with their mad feelings to get to talk to other legion BGs but have to take it to a personal lvl of being angry.

'regardless' of this drama we showed up every siege and u were the one asking me to xform or show up or made other ppl do it. When ever i were online i was using my xform at sieges. Looks like ppl got another meaning out of this. 

If showing up to sieges means that we are not showing our love/respect/what ever feelings u wanna name it to tizzy, i am not going to siege anymore. 

If u step up to lead the faction u have to deal with ur own feelings and not exclude anyone. And asking her to lead a tia raid so she can prove u her leading skills is not the solution to this drama. Xoxo isnt trying to lead the faction, wants to help the faction for sieges, specially before 4.0 katalam raids. 

He is still mad about that suna in the eye with HKIA, where they showed up later and didnt get a inv, they didnt even ask for a inv. I blame teaj for this!

Ok enough being srs, first time xoxo members actually talked in lfg for the whole crap those akakak guys been throwing at tizzy. 

Happy siege!

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    i think everyone is bored and needs 4.0 lol. Sielyos is drama as well.
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    Yea doesnt look like any of both sides would understand each other. Have to keep the fking drama out of the story while...
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    I would actually much prefer it if everyone let the drama fucking drop. This isn’t directed at you Emel, but… Come on...
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    Oh you
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    tizzy ftw!!! i agree with bearswillkillyouirl. keep your head up tizzy and ignore the bish’s!
  8. itextends said: It’s always amusing when you reblog your own posts ;p but yes, long live the queen! At least the forum being “down” stagnates this.. it tends to explode.
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    lol so dramaqueen emel!! seriously though i l♥ve you guys so much for staying out of everything the way you have. i know...
  10. riihtx3 said: More a case of idiot doing idiotic. :]
  11. bearswillkillyouirl said: I wish they would find someone else to lead. Skyyless always finds some subtle way to instigate/escalate drama with Tizzy. Just sick of this bullshit.
  12. snow-in-hide said: Oh good thing I’m at work!
  13. cheesecakezoelyn said: Sigh… not a good move to antagonize Tizzy and saying her legion doesn’t support her. Going to make Xoxo not want to help which is stupid because we need all the asmos we can get at most sieges. Really wish the leaders would chill out.